Hi, EB Community, 

I am Alexandra Gonzalez. I am currently a Junior at EBHS. I am as well a Girl Scout and working on my Gold Award. I am in search of donations and would like to inform you on the issue my project will address, how you can help, and why this is important. 

The project I am working on will be impacting the Special education students in East Brunswick Public School system. I will be giving the student and classrooms a “sensory bin”. The items that will be included in the bins will increase focusing and behavioral skills and will decrease stress and communication issues. I am making 200 sensory bottles, 100 key chains and 10 pillows for these students and classrooms. 
I am in search for donations of:
-Key chain rings
-LEGO pieces( any color and size)
-Sequins (any color)
-Confetti stars(any color)
-Confetti hearts(any color)
-Plastic Snapple bottles(empty and clean)
-Plastic Voss bottles( empty and clean)
-Plastic coke a cola bottles(empty and clean)

If you can donate any of these items, I will be very thankful. I will be collecting donations at my house. I will be collecting on Friday (June 8th) from 2:30 to 5:30. 
27 Messler Street, EB, NJ 08816. 
I can as well do a porch pick up if that is easier at your residence. Please put a comment if it is.
Thank you for you time and I hope you will help my project become a success.