HELMETTA, NJ - Borough Mayor Chris Slavicek issued a New Year's message of hope and positivity for 2021 to residents this week. The mayor reflected on the hurdles of 2020 and what the Helmetta community has gained from them as well as taking pause to remember the lives lost. The borough has had 128 positive cases of COVID-19 and lost five residents since the coronavirus pandemic hit the Garden State in mid-March. He also offered residents an upbeat message as the community moves forward into 2021. Slavicek's New Year's message to Helmetta residents is as follows:

Helmetta Friends & Neighbors,

The challenges endured in 2020 have allowed many of us to become stronger and more resilient individuals. Social distancing brought many closer with the importance of togetherness. We were taught so many invaluable lessons; appreciate the small things, assist and care for someone in need, champion the heroic efforts of our bravest, think outside of the box, demonstrate philanthropy and become self-motivators and independent non creatures of habit. We do pause and continue to extend deepest sympathy and condolences to those within our community and extended family members that lost their lives to COVID-19.

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Twenty-twenty has made Helmetta even a better place to live. This was demonstrated through the devotion of our incredible and committed staff in collaboration with the steadfast members of our volunteer agencies, particularly Fire and OEM and Spotswood PTA. Together, we persevered and succeeded to provide our community with a sense of security and hope during a global pandemic. The outpour of support from many residents is a clear indication that we are that small town, with the big heart. We continue to salute our frontline and essential workers as we work diligently to flatten the curve.

In conjunction with the governing body, our administration continues to be champions in advocating for our residents. A strong emphasis as it relates to fiscal responsibility and enhancing services within the Borough remain at the forefront of our goals and objectives. We strive to allow our residents to enjoy the amenities of our quaint community coupled with creating a safe haven for all alike. Our community is beautiful, well maintained and provides a robust lifestyle and upbringing for so many.


Longevity is an admirable trait. We are blessed to have a team that is dedicated and works diligently. I am proud to announce that our employee retention rate remains at 100% for over three consecutive years. The team of professionals that are employed by the Borough take great pride in their work. I appreciate their fine efforts and commend them for truly caring. It is their tireless workmanship and skill that allows our Borough to operate in triumph. 

The number twenty-one represents a composition of the ideas of creativity, optimism, inspiration, relationships, and diplomacy. 



As we enter 2021 in the Borough, I'd like to share some goals that relate to these ideas: 


  • Continue to instill creativity in our township recreation and special events
  • Remain optimistic as we transition into a new normal
  • Inspire our employees and residents to continue to be involved
  • Cultivate the proven relationships and expand upon new opportunities
  • Practice diplomacy in all arenas of our governing decisions 

I leave you with the words of athlete and Coach John Wooden, "If we fail to adapt, we fail to move forward." Let's continue to move Helmetta forward in 2021! 

A happy, healthy and safe New Year to you and yours! 

Always available, 

Chris Slavicek