SOMERSET, NJ - The National Junior Classic League was formed in 1936 to keep the culture of Ancient Greece and Rome alive. The organization encourages middle and high school students to continue to study the arts, literature and culture of those civilizations as well as the impact they have on the current society. Three Immaculate Conception School students received top honors for their drawings of Medusa at the New Jersey Convention for the National Junior Classic League, which took place on April 29 at Franklin High School in Somerset.

Gabriella Sorrentino won first place. Teresa Rackett was awarded second place while Abigail Chadwick took third place for their interpretations of Medusa. Medusa was a popular figure in Greek Mythology. She is often depicted with poisonous snakes as hair.

The girls are all Latin students at Immaculate, studying the impact of classic civilizations while helping to promote its effects on today's culture. Sister Antonelle Chunka, a Latin teacher at the Immaculate Conception School, along with sixth grader Thomas Meehan and his mother, Mary Meehan joined Sorrentino, Rackett and Chadwick in representing the Immaculate Conception School at the convention.

The Immaculate Conception School on Manalapan Road in Spotswood opened its doors in 1960. It offers educational programs for grades pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.