SPOTSWOOD, NJ - It was a hopping good time at the Spotswood High School Gymnasium on Saturday, March 19 as the Spotswood Recreation Department and the Spotswood PTA held their annual egg hunt.

"The basketball court was the 'hunting ground' and volunteers from the Spotswood REC and the Spotswood PTA distributed the eggs at the beginning of each hunt. The hunts (more like dashes) were broken up by age group," explained Donna Faulkenberry via email.

Faulkenberry is a member of the committee, which makes up the Spotswood Recreation Department. The committee has 11 members. All committee members are unpaid volunteers and are appointed by the mayor. The Recreation Department organizes numerous events and recreational activities for the borough throughout the year including the annual egg hunt and the Spotswood 5K.

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About 300 people came out to the traditional town favorite. The fun began with the little ones, ages zero to three, scrambling to find eggs. After each age group had a turn to "dash" for the brightly colored plastic eggs, the gym was reset for a new set of seekers. The four and five year olds came next, followed by the six and seven years olds and finally the eight and up group had their turn.

In all, more than 1,500 eggs were prepared by a dedicated bunch of volunteers from the Spotswood PTA. Mary Leaver organized the egg stuffers who placed candy goodies inside every egg.

When each age group was finished, the kids were ushered out to meet with a surprise visitor. The Easter Bunny was patiently waiting to give high paws or pose for pictures, depending on what the children were comfortable with.

Faulkenberry pointed out that most of the children stopped for a photo with the bunny. However, some were a little leery of the white rabbit and decided to watch from a distance. The youngest age bracket also received a small toy.

The Spotswood Recreation Department and the Spotswood PTA host the egg hunt every year on the Saturday before Easter week. It is definitely a fan favorite. The egg hunt is free and is open to residents from infants through age 12.