EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - When Councilwoman Camille Clark calls the East Brunswick Public Library "one more jewel in East Brunswick's crown," she can support that metaphor with the recent grand opening of the library's Career Center, a multi-faceted service for job-seekers.  "TheEBPL gets the most 'bang for the buck' for your tax dollar.  It does everything but play basketball for you."

The EBPL has received a grant from the New Jersey Department of labor to create "one stop career services" to increase opportunities for citizens to seek and find employment, update their resumes, prepare for interviews, and even plan their transportation to interviews and jobs.  Diane Seavers, Department Director of the Middlesex County Office of Workforce Development sees the new program as a "chance to continue ongoing collaboration.  Unemployment rates have dropped, but it is still necessary to continue working together to get people jobs."

Andrea Simzak Levandowski, Project Manager for Small Business Development and Technology at the New Jersey State Library said, "Libraries are essential.  Career Connections leverages the best part of a library.  The East Brunswick Public Library has done a fantastic job to meet the needs of the community."

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"People have been working in silos.  we need to bring people closer to each other in the community," said Assemblywoman Nancy J. Pinkin. "Nothing is more important than getting people jobs."  Pinkin also discussed the need for older workers to "re-tool skills and re-create resumes."  Career Connections addresses each of these needs and is supported by library personnel counseling. 

"College graduates need support.  Teens need to learn how to be employees."

Pinkin also noted the success of the recent job fairs held at the EBPL and the East Brunswick Elks to support job searches by veterans, graduates, and second-career workers.  

Deputy State Librarian Peggy Cadigan described the many services that are available to job-seekers, services that often go underutilized. Cadigan praised the EBPL for reaching out to serve the community, "You have to transform to stay alive."