SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Mark Zacharia certainly lived up to his reputation for beguilement yesterday at the Spotswood Public Library. The popular magician, mind reader and hypnotist brought his special brand of fun and intrigue to the Main Street library to the delight of patrons.

The question of the evening was "How did he do that?" as audience members tried to figure out how Zacharia's 'tricks' worked. Zacharia used audience members to display his rather unique mind reading talents that prompted New Jersey Monthly to dub his act as "total bogglement."

Audience members were definitely boggled as to how he was able to accurately name the word a 10 year old randomly picked from a joke book or how he was able to draw the identical picture Spotswood resident, Phyliss Snyder had created prior to the show and kept in a sealed envelope until the finale. His trick of moving cards from one seat to another was equally puzzling for many as was the three red ropes that kept magically changing lengths.

Zacharia concluded the entertaining show by encouraging patrons young and old to check out some of the library's magic books to learn a trick or two of their own.