MILLTOWN, NJ - The Milltown Police Department welcomed their newest member to their team; Doc C. Doc C is not a who. It's a what. Doc C is a cargo truck that the department received courtesy of the federal government's Government Surplus 1033 program. The former military vehicle was originally valued at slightly more than $100,000. However, thanks to the government program, Doc C arrives in Milltown without costing the borough a penny.

The cargo truck is not armed in any way despite its use in the military. According to Lieutenant Christopher Johnson of the Milltown Police Department, the cargo truck's versatility will come in handy in many situations including weather-related disasters.

"Due to the flooding conditions that Milltown frequently receives," Johnson explained. "This vehicle could easily reach those in need during times of crisis."

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This isn't the first time that the Milltown Police Department has benefited from the 1033 program. In the past, they received portable diesel generators, portable gasoline powered pumps, carpenter tool kits, night vision goggles and iPads. Items like the iPads, goggles and tool kits are currently in use by the department while the portable diesel generators and pumps are available should a situation arise. The generators could be hooked up to power traffic lights in the event of an extended outage, freeing officers to assist in other areas and the pumps can be used to remove water from flooded areas.

In order to participate in the Federal Law Enforcement Support Office 1033 Program police departments must apply, which the Milltown Police Department has.

“The Milltown Police Department is very fortunate that we have a supportive Mayor and Borough Council that sees the benefit of the program and allows us to utilize the program to better serve our residents, and our department," Johnson elaborated via email. "Once part of the program, all equipment that is selected by the law enforcement agency has to be justified for its intended use and approved by the New Jersey State Police Support Services Unit as well as the Federal Government. Most equipment that is obtained must be maintained by the law enforcement agency until no longer needed, at which time it must be returned to the federal government."

Now, Doc C did not join the Milltown Police Department with a name. The moniker was bestowed upon the cargo truck to honor one of Milltown's hometown heroes.

"The department has “nick-named” this truck the “Doc C” in honor of one of our own residents who is currently serving our nation as a Navy Corpsman," Johnson explained. "Matthew “Doc” Cappella is one of our own hometown hero’s and he continues to serve our nation while attached as a Navy Corpsman with the United States Marine Corps. Matthew is a combat veteran of Afghanistan and recently reenlisted to continue his service. We are extremely proud of him and his service."