MILLTOWN, NJ - In an emergency situation seconds matter and the Milltown Emergency Services is experiencing longer response times as a result of obstructed views of many house numbers throughout the borough. The Milltown Emergency Services is seeking the public's help in rectifying the situation.

Milltown's Emergency Services is asking residents to make sure their house numbers are clearly visible from the street. The borough's EMS department is finding that numbers affixed to mailboxes or painted on curbs are often blocked by vehicles, making them difficult to located when answering an emergency call. Landscaping is sometimes an issue as well when it comes to finding a house number.

The department is asking residents to use printed not scripted house numbers that are a minimum of five inches in height. Printed numbers are easier to read quickly than scripted ones. Numbers should also be in a color that stands out from the background.

"On behalf of  Milltown Emergency Services we thank you for your support and cooperation," the Milltown Emergency Services said in a Nixle advisory released by the Milltown Police Department on July 31.