MILLTOWN, NJ - The Middlesex County Mosquito Commission will be spraying in Milltown on Thursday, Sept. 17 from 7 p.m. until 11:59 p.m.

Residents should plan on restricting their time outside during the hours of spraying in order to limit exposure to the chemicals used.

Additional precautions include:

  • Bringing pets as well as their food, water dishes and toys inside.
  • Bringing clothes or lines hanging on outside lines indoors.
  • Bringing children's toys inside.
  • Closing all windows during the hours of spraying.
  • Turning off window fans.
  • Closing the vents on window air-conditioning units.
  • Closing the windows on cars that are parked on the driveway and street.

Surface areas that are sprayed with chemicals must dry completely. Residents should avoid all contact with surfaces that may be wet with chemicals. Generally, it takes about an hour for a sprayed surface to dry completely.