ROSELLE, NJ - NY Jets Muhammad Wilkerson's “Team 96” foundation hosted their 3rd Annual Breast Cancer luncheon to honor “Breast Cancer Survivors” this past week at Central Park restaurant in Roselle.  

Muhammad Wilkerson or “Mo” as everyone calls him, has hosted the event for 3 years to recognize women who are strong, courageous and fighters, like his mother Janice Wilkerson who is a 16 year breast cancer survivor and his grandmother Joanne Wilkerson who is a 23 year breast cancer survivor.

During the event, several women spoke all encouraging women to be diligent about their health care and also recognizing caregivers and how important their role is to anyone going through breast cancer. Joanne Wilkerson spoke of her experience 23 years ago and how blessed she feels today. Janice Wilkerson gave a tearful speech of encouragement and also joked about doing a commercial with her son for breast cancer awareness sponsored by Dannon Yogurt and urged everyone to watch it and jokingly said, “we are super stars now!”

While Wilkerson was not able to attend the event this year, his mother did not let him off the hook. She called him on her cell phone and put the microphone up to the phone so that he could speak to all of the women.  “I’m glad that I have this opportunity to show you just how much I care about breast cancer, what it means to me,” said Wilkerson. “Out here this month on the football field, I’ll defiantly be wearing my pink and uh, supporting you all and giving it my all on the football field.”