MILLTOWN, NJ - After a nearly three-week closure due to a serious mold outbreak, the students, faculty, custodians and administration of Parkview School returned to their home on Thursday Sept. 26.

The school had been forced to close while an environmental team removed the mold from many of the classrooms, and performed a large cleanup.  The consultant deemed the school safe for everyone to return earlier in the week. 

While there are still many issues to be addressed, among them working with the insurance companies and the state to determine how much of the cost of the cleanup will be reimbursed by insurance coverage or state aid, students and teachers alike were overjoyed to be back in their own school.  It was noted by Milltown Schols Superintendant Dr. Stephanie Brown that the school received an enormous amount of suppport from the entire Milltown community, not the least of which was both Our Lady Of Lourdes church for the use of their school, as well as Target Stores, which donated a bulk of supplies for those students and teachers who needed to replace those that were lost in the needed cleanup.  In addition, Brown noted the dedication of the many teachers at Parkview, who came in very early to get their classrooms ready for the return, and attempt to make the day as seamless as possible for all the students. A pizza party was held in the cafeteria to celebrate the return.

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Cleanup also continues on the one classroom at Kilmer school that also was affected by some mold, and it is expected that this room will return to normal at some point next week.

Both Brown and Parkview School Principal Janet Ferlazzo thanked all of the families of the students and faculty for their cooperation during the period.