SPOTSWOOD, NJ - If Helmetta, Milltown and Spotswood residents are searching for some early holiday gifts, the Class of 2021's Project Graduation is hosting a Little House Candle fundraiser. All the proceeds from the sale go to help fund the Class of 2021's Senior Week activities in June.

"It’s that time of year when a wonderfully scented candle just makes you feel warm and cozy all over," said Project Graduation committee member Melissa Hallerman. "Little House Candles creates beautiful handmade candles inside charming mason jars for a look that will go well with any décor. Delightfully packaged and low-priced, these candles are also perfect as gifts."
"There are tons of sensational scents to choose from," Hallerman added. "Prices range from $10 to $15."
Order forms can be downloaded online and should be returned by October 26. Questions can be emailed to