We are at a critical crossroads, and every one of us has a decision to make.  The climate crisis poses a genuine threat to all New Jersey residents, and our window to address the challenges ahead proactively is rapidly closing. 

There is an overwhelming consensus among scientists that human activity is directly responsible for the rapidly changing climate and we need drastic action and coordinated effort to prevent the devastating impact that this will have on our communities and residents.

Many residents of New Jersey’s 17th Legislative District (North Brunswick, New Brunswick, Franklin, Piscataway, and Milltown) understand the severity of the challenge at hand and have been resisting new fossil fuel infrastructure projects in our communities.  Allowing such construction in our communities is a choice to contribute to the problem instead of the solution.

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If our goal is to maintain New Jersey as a place where our families can grow and prosper, we must choose to mobilize a coordinated effort to expand our green energy infrastructure.  

Beyond avoiding crisis, investing in solar and wind over fossil fuels makes economic sense.  There are more people employed in building and operating green energy infrastructure than there are in fossil fuels, and continued expansion of that field will provide decades worth of good union jobs here in New Jersey.  Green energy is cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient than fossil fuels, recently surpassing coal here in the United States.

The truth is that this shift in energy is inevitable, because green energy technologies are in many respects, information technologies that advance and improve exponentially over time.  For example, solar panels can become more advanced as scientists and engineers find ways to fit more solar cells into smaller surface areas. Advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence will continue to power this energy revolution, rendering fossil fuels obsolete very soon. 

Knowing that fossil fuels are hurtling towards obsolescence, it would be extremely unwise to invest in or accept any new fossil fuel projects in, or through, our communities.   

We must stand together against new fossil fuel developments such as the controversial proposal for a dangerous gas compressor station in Franklin Township because projects like these are a step in the wrong direction.

While it's easy to overlook if you’re not paying close attention, the upcoming Democratic Primary on June 4th will be a critical election for the future of our communities here in Middlesex and Somerset Counties.  

As the candidate for State Assembly with the most comprehensive green energy infrastructure plan, a vote for me, Ron Rivers, is a choice to get serious about fighting climate change here in New Jersey.  

This is a fight that matters to all of us and it’s one that you can directly impact on June 4th by voting Ron Rivers for New Jersey Assembly.