SPOTSWOOD, NJ - The Spotswood Community Team made the Christmas holidays and Easter a lot happier for local families as well as families living in domestic violence and homeless shelters. A drive is underway to collect donations for the upcoming Mother's and Father's Day holidays. The items will be put together to make up a special spa bag and given to moms living in Dina's Dwellings and dads living at the Ozanam Homeless Shelter as well as local families in need.

The Spotswood Community Team has made up an Amazon wish list filled with the most frequent items moms and dads living in shelters request. The wish list includes bath slipper slides, soap, pillows, razors, shaving cream, mouthwash, sheets, and more. Items ordered from the Spotswood Community Team's Amazon Wish List weill be delivered directly to team members. Donations for mom should be ordered for delivery by May 2 and Father's Day donations should be ordered for delivery by June 13.

 For additional information or questions, email the Spotswood Community Team at