SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Spotswood High School Principal Amy Jablonski is making a PowerPoint presentation of the question and answer session she hosted on Zoom Monday evening available to parents who may have missed it. Due to an issue with the district's School Messenger system, the parents and guardians of incoming Spotswood High School freshmen did not receive the email invitation along with the Zoom information. The PowerPoint presentation includes the key points Jablonski discussed when she went over the Spotswood School District's proposed virtual and hybrid models of instruction for the start of the school year for Spotswood High School students.

At a special meeting of the Spotswood Board of Education on July 30, the BOE approved the two models of instruction for Spotswood School District students. Superintendent Graham Peabody said it was the intent of the district to use the fully virtual model while still assessing the feasibility of a transition to the hybrid model. Peabody stated in a letter to parents on July 31 that the principals of each of the district's four schools would be reaching out to parents and conducting Zoom sessions on how the decision impacts the respective student bodies. Jablonski discussed both models in detail and addressed parent questions and concerns in the two-hour online session.

Any parents missing the August 3 Spotswood High School COVID Reopening Question and Answer session can assess the PowerPoint presentation that was used during the discussion online.

Spotswood School District students are scheduled to return to school on Wednesday, September 2. Teachers and staff return on Monday, August 31.