SPOTSWOOD, NJ - The Spotswood Police Department is warning residents to beware of a scam that is targeting JCP&L utility customers. A similar warning was released by the Sayreville Police Department last week. This is a widespread scam operation that may also affect surrounding communities.

A telephone caller will pose as an employee of JCP&L. They will instruct the resident that unless they pay their bill immediately, their power will be shut off. The Caller ID may sometimes come up as JCP&L even though it is a scam operation. Attempts to call back the number may result in a recording that mimics JCP&L, tricking residents into believing that the call is legitimate. The caller usually directs the individual to then turn over personal payment information.

As a matter of course, residents should never give personal information such as credit card numbers, addresses or social security numbers over the telephone to unsolicited callers. Residents that are JCP&L customers can verify their account online at the JCP&L website or by calling the JCP&L Customer Service Account at 1-800-662-3115.

This type of scam involving JCP&L has occured before. In February of 2013, customers received fake calls demanding immediate payment with a pre-debit card or their power would be shut off. At that time, the company told customers that it would never telephone demanding that payment be made with a pre-debit card.