SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Kids who are young or just young at heart love fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. Maybe it's their size, the bright colors or just the cool sirens. Whatever the reason, the Spotswood Public Library's Touch A Truck event brought out a large group of youngsters and their parents on Wednesday, July 12 despite the oppressive afternoon heat.

Spotswood's first responders took time away from their busy day to stop by the parking lot of the Spotswood Public Library. On hand were a ladder truck, an ambulance and two police cars. Children got the opportunity to climb on board each vehicle to see the equipment up close as well as ask questions.

"This is the one and only time you'll be in the back of a police car," a mom quipped as her son slid into the back of a Spotswood Police Department vehicle.

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Spotswood Fire Department member and newly elected councilman, Jose Rivera provided kids with a detailed description of the fire truck and its equipment before giving the enthusiastic youngsters the opportunity to climb on board.

In the true spirit of their jobs, the ladder truck and one of the police cars were called away to tend to a motor vehicle accident on Main Street and Devoe Avenue that involved a fluid spill. The ambulance wasn't needed for the afternoon emergency call. However, Rivera and the beloved ladder truck returned as soon as their services at the nearby accident weren't required any longer.

The term first responder refers to the individuals employed in law enforcement, emergency medical services and fire fighting since these people are trained to respond to a wide range of emergencies. They play an important role in the neighborhoods where all kids grow and play. Spotswood's hometown heroes may have inspired a few borough and Helmetta youngsters to join their ranks some day as kids ranging in age from toddler to grade school explored the emergency services vehicles with awe and excitement.

One young girl whose grandfather was a retired firefighter could hardly wait for her turn to climb up on the truck.

Touch A Truck was a part of a summer-long program of free, family-friendly events for children at the Spotswood Public Library. For more kid-centered activities as well as adult endeavors, check out the library's website.