SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Should Spotswood School District Schools begin classes on September 2 using a hybrid model that includes virtual and in-person instruction, parents have the option to opt out and do complete remote learning. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy stated earlier this summer that parents not comfortable with the hybrid model could choose all virtual for their children.

The Spotswood School District is asking parents wishing to keep their children completely virtual should the schools open using a hybrid, to complete an online Google form. Only parents wishing to go fully remote need to complete the form. Parents with multiple children must complete a form for each child.  According to the online form, choosing to go fully remote will not exclude students from participating in extracurricular activities.

At the July 30 Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Graham Peabody presented a fully remote and a hybrid model of instruction. Peabody stated it was the district's intent to begin the school year fully remote if granted state approval. The Spotswood BOE approved both educational models.

The next Board of Education meeting is on Tuesday, August 18 at 7 p.m. Tuesday's BOE meeting is virtual. According to the calendar on the Spotswood School District website, Board of Education meetings will return to in-person for the Tuesday, September 1 meeting.