SPOTSWOOD, NJ - The borough has released its annual Water Quality Report this week. Residents interested in viewing the consumer confidence report can do so online at the Spotswood Borough website. People may also request that a copy of the report be mailed directly to their home by telephoning 732-416-1827. Yearly water testing is required by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection as is publication of the results.

The 2018 report reflects the results of testing completed by the NJDEP in 2017. Spotswood's main water source is well, which receives groundwater from underground sources. The town's water supply is also supplemented by treated water from the East Brunswick Water Department. The East Brunswick Water Department receives its water from the Middlesex Water Company.

The published report includes the borough water's susceptibility results in addition to a list of potential contaminants. Individuals with compromised immune systems are considered to be more sensitive to contaminants in the public water supply. People undergoing chemo therapy for cancer, organ transplant recipients, people with AIDS/HIV as well as other immune disorders , certain seniors and infants are thought to be more at risk from infections and should contact their primary health care provider regarding drinking water recommendations.