SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Miss Frizzle made a stop on her magic school bus at the Appleby Elementary School on Tuesday, May 23 for the school's spring Science Fair. For folks that may not remember, Miss Frizzle is the science-loving teacher that was brought to life through the entertaining and educational children's book series by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. The chapter books were turned into a popular animated television series in the 1990s that lives on in DVDs and online avenues, encouraging kids to discover the joy of science.

Miss Frizzle definitely got her fill of all that science has to offer as Appleby students showed off their most exciting scientific endeavors at the school's science showcase. Participation in the fair was voluntary and students could either make a model, conduct an experiment or solve a science-related question. So, if you ever wondered why pennies turn green, why balloons blow up, what happens when you mix an acid and a base or what plants like to drink, you got your answers last night.

A science fair wouldn't be complete without a volcanic eruption, a tornado or two as well as colorful solar system models. The Appleby fair included those science mainstays along with unique scientific endeavors like Wayne Handwerk's smokey bubbles and Angelica Coffey's homemade hovercraft.

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Many of the creative displays were hands-on to the delight of the many visitors to the fair. Students, parents, teachers and relatives packed the schools library and adjacent hallway to see the plethora of scientific masterpieces. Coffey's hovercraft needed a bit more room to show it's stuff, so that was housed in the school's multipurpose room. The crowd enjoyed watching Coffey whirl around on her creation. Joey Nardino's handcrafted catapults were quite an attraction as well. Kids lined up to try and make a basket using one of the three handmade catapults that were constructed from a variety of materials.

Each display received a ribbon such as "Most Creative," "Most Appetizing" and "Most Bubbly." The science fair is held every two years so that students at the second through fifth grade school have at least two opportunities to show off their scientific prowess.

Miss Frizzle was certainly proud as she walked through the bustling fair, posing for pictures with budding young scientists. However, the largest smiles were on the faces of the participants as they shared their scientific creations with onlookers.

"Science is the best idea humans ever had," another famous science lover, Bill Nye once said. "The more people who embrace that idea, the better."