SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Friday, February 10 was all about 100 at the Spotswood School District's Schoenly School. In honor of the 100th day of school, teachers and students pulled out all the stops, bringing the number 100 into most aspects of the school day. Sesame Street's Count von Count would have been in counting heaven as the number 100 was all over the pre-kindergarten through first grade school.

Pre-kindergarten students sported homemade t-shirts with 100 items along with hats and necklaces fashioned in class. One four-year-old's shirt was adorned with 100 puzzle pieces while another had 100 letters. First graders and their teachers came to school dressed as if they were 100 years old while kindergarteners got busy experimenting with the number. The five and six-year olds rotated to each of the five kindergarten classrooms for some 100-day fun. They counted 100 pennies, worked together to build a structure using 100 Legos after making 10 piles of 10, created a paper chain with 100 paper links, read 100 words, were silent for 100 seconds and did 100 exercises. All of the kindergarten students wore 100-day crowns to mark the milestone day of the school year.

New Jersey public school students must attend 180 days of school each academic year. The 100th day was originally set for Thursday, February 9. However, a snow day delayed the 100-day festivities until Friday, February 10. With 100 days in the book, there are 80 days remaining until the summer break.

In the Count's "Counting Song," the popular Muppet croons that he "could sit and count all day." Well, the students at the Schoenly School certainly have an appreciation for the three-digit number as they learned all about 100 ways of number fun.