EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - The Co-Working Space recently opened their new office on 14 Old Bridge Turnpike, serving customers in South River and East Brunswick. This is the third office of its kind in the Central New Jersey area. The Co-Working space is an office-like area for anybody who works a freelancing job or works from home. Patrons can come and go as they please and pay for office space on an hourly rate or rent a desk for an amount of time for a fixed price.

The Co-Working Space was opened up with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by real estate employees and government representatives of both South River and East Brunswick. South River Mayor John Krenzel, East Brunswick Council Vice President Sharon Sullivan, and Assemblyman Robert Karabinchak were in attendance. 

Noelle Stary, the owner of the Co-Working space brand, wanted to bring a working environment like this a suburban area, as they are mostly found in major cities. Stary saw that there was more need for workspaces like these as the gig economy grows.

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“We wanted to make a flux space for people, so they are not just limited to being at home and isolated from a work environment,” Stary said. “This way people aren’t forced to take a phone call at a library or pack up all their things when they use the bathroom at a Panera.”

The Co-Working Space in East Brunswick currently holds 22 seats with 16 open desks. It has two private offices, a 40-person training room and a 20-person conference room. Stary says that she hopes to make it a 24-hour operation in the future that is more accessible to people who work late night hours. She is also working on opening one license per town to make it a ‘Per-Town-Operation.’

One of the most popular phrases in Co-Working is ‘Working alone together,’ according to Stary. The goal of the space is to create an environment where people can work in solidarity but still be able to network themselves to those in different industries. It also creates a work focused space that gets away from all the everyday distractions of home, according to Stary

“You can actually communicate with people in this space, and get meaningful feedback from people you may not be able to meet in an ordinary workplace,” Stary said. “There’s no TV or cooking to distract you, just a place to work with others who want to do the same.”

Robert Durso is a real estate broker with J.J Elek, the property owner of the Co-Working Space. Durso sees this as a chance for real estate to get in on the growing gig economy and as a way to grow with a shifting workforce.

“Work Places are changing, employment is changing and people are changing. So the best thing for us to do is change with it,” Durso said. “The best thing that we can do is realize that this is happening and find ways to stay with the times, and this is a great place to start.”