SPOTSWOOD, NJ - The Grinch has quite the reputation for meanness. Why, who else but the Grinch would try to steal the holidays right out from under Christmas lovers? Yesterday though, Mr. Grinch showed he actually does have a heart as he traveled through Spotswood along with the Spotswood Police Department, spreading holiday smiles and bringing neighbors together.

Since it was the shortest day of the year, the sun set early on December 21 and by early evening the Grinch was making his way all around Spotswood with blaring police sirens signaling his arrival. Some folks like Jessica Kist and her 10-year-old son Mikey Fuery decided not to wait for the Grinch to come to them. They headed out on their own Grinch-hunt, catching up with the mean one at the Spotswood Municipal Complex on Summerhill Road.

"Mikey and I really enjoyed meeting the Grinch and helping him find his Christmas spirit," Kist said. "We had a blast looking for him around town. Thank you to the Spotswood Police Department for putting this together and being so involved in the community."

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Showing that he isn't really such a Scrooge, the Grinch posed for a few pictures with Kist and her son before heading out to find other residents hoping to help him find his hidden fondness for the joy of the holidays.

Many folks came outside when they heard the sirens while others ventured out into the neighborhood on foot to catch up with the Grinch and share the love. However, not all Spotswood residents were excited to hear the Grinch was out and about in the borough. Five-year-old Avery Miller didn't want to see Mr. Grinch and was very concerned all evening that he might steal her Christmas decorations. She did have small holiday request for the Spotswood PD though. "Please bring Snoopy next year," Miller said. "He's cute."