SOMERVILLE, NJ  - A group of earnest West Coast cyclists determined to provide clean drinking water to impoverished regions of the world will stop overnight at a supporter’s 58 West End Ave. home before heading to New York City on the last leg of their coast-to-coast fund raiser.

Kelley Allen works for Humble Bundles, a San Francisco-based company that supports several national charities, including Ride for Water, which has received $5 million from the company, according to Kelley.

Ride for Water is a non-profit organization founded in 2013.

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Last year, Allen. who is a cyclist and participates in charity events, found out the Ride for Water cyclists were looking for someplace to spend the night before heading for New York City; she and her husband, Roy Davies, offered to put them up for the night at their historic house, built in 1825.

This year, the couple made the same offer, and is inviting borough residents and those in surrounding towns to come to their home Monday, July 2nd to welcome the group of 13 cyclists, expected to arrive between 5-7 p.m. after an 80-mile leg of their trip.

“This year, we wanted to be a little more organized,” she said.

The couple is asking for a donation of $10 from everyone that comes to visit that evening, which will include a “pot luck” barbecue dinner. All donations will be given to Ride for Water.

The 19- and 20-year-old Ride for Water cyclists have set a goal of $100,000; they’ve been collecting money along the way, and through their website. As of Thursday night, the group had collected $62,151.

From the RFW website:

“This is year six of Ride for Water - a group of college students who are passionate enough about the global water crisis to do something crazy. In May, a group of individuals will cycle from the Pacific to the Atlantic to help bring access to clean drinking water to those who don't have it (663 million people globally, to be exact).

“It is our mission to raise $100,000, and it is our promise that 100% of the proceeds will go directly towards fighting for everyone to have access to a basic human necessity.

“We as a team have clasped hands and made a commitment to help. We are on a mission to fight the water crisis by joining with our friends at charity: water and we are asking that you too would fight alongside us during this crazy and exciting journey.

“Join us in helping bring clean drinking water back to 2,857 people!

“You can follow along with our journey at”

Allen has created a link to access further information:

Ride for Water BBQ & Charity Fundraiser

RSVPs are requested  by contacting Allen via email –