Dear Mayor Cohen:  

Thank you.  Your issued statement last night regarding the current development plans for the intersection of Summerhill and Old Stage Roads - which will be under discussion at the May 17 zoning board meeting in East Brunswick, is a welcome voice. 

Like you, we have a vision for East Brunswick and share your desire for smart redevelopment that addresses tax abatement, beautification, inclusivity and that adds meaningful reasons to live, work and play here.  This is why we commend your commitment to COAH,  but this is not where the immediacy lies.  EB has until 2026 to satisfy its COAH commitment.  On May 17, the zoning board is to make the decision on variances related to the project as it has currently been proposed, including to increase the number of parking spaces at that parcel from the current 50 spaces to 291.  This cannot happen.

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Variances, as we know, are based upon the use of the land in terms of buildings, number of units and businesses.  As East Brunswick homeowners, we appreciate the connection between land use and necessary rateables that will impact our taxes and as business owners, the profitability of this project to engage a high-quality developer, but it is premature to vote on variances when the elements of the project itself are in question.

We seek clarity on the issues and seek your support and the influence of your office to let the developer know that this is not a negotiation and to let the zoning board know that you are with the residents and against the requested variances as the currently stand. 

Yours truly,

Cathleen and David Decker

Jefferson Road, East Brunswick