HELMETTA/SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Appleby Drama Club Director Chris Slavicek also happens to be the mayor of Helmetta. This year's spring production for the fifth grade's drama club may be on hold because of remote learning, but that hasn't stopped Slavicek from keeping in touch with the cast and crew of "Frozen Jr." to help prevent spirits from freezing. In keeping with the theme of the play, Slavicek threw out a snowball of a challenge to the fifth graders involved with the play last week; create a snowman just like Anna wanted Elsa did. The winner would receive a special prize.

Of course, the snowless winter has made making a traditional snowman difficult this year, but Slavicek wanted the students and their families to think outside the box and come up with unique snowmen. Participants were given a deadline to submit a photograph of their snowman to the Appleby Drama Club's Facebook page. The results would have made Olaf's grin even wider.

Entries included snowmen crafted from plastic cups, cardboard boxes, cotton balls, empty water jugs and even a laundry basket. In the end, Skylar Norris was the winner for her Jersey girl snowman that like Olaf really loves a day at the beach. Second place went to Dylan Fisher who fashioned his snowman out of paper cups. Fisher's paper cup Olaf actually lights up. Norris now has her very own large, snuggly Olaf to keep her company while she is doing her distance learning. Afterwards they can both chill out by watching Olaf's favorite Disney flicks.