MILLTOWN, NJ - Ask residents and they will say the Milltown Ice Cream Depot rocks, but this week the popular ice cream hot spot on South Main Street really does. Borough residents have been having a lot of fun looking for 14 hand-painted rocks the Milltown Ice Cream Depot crew has hidden around town.

Anyone who finds one of the 14 rocks can bring it in to the ice cream shop and exchange it for a special gift. The finders are also asked to take a photo of themselves and post it to Instagram or Facebook and tag the Milltown Ice Cream Depot. According to the Miltown Ice Cream Depot's Instagram page, five rocks have been found so far since the ice cream rock hunt began on July 31.

The Milltown Ice Cream Depot has been a borough staple since 1996. The shop is owned and operated by Joan Trent and is now open year-round after moving to its new location on 32 South Main Street. Its previous location was in the signature red barn on Washington Avenue. Residents and the Milltown Ice Cream Depot faithful can now enjoy their favorite flavors all year. So, how long will it take residents to find the remaining nine rocks? Stay tuned! Readers can follow the hunt on the Milltown Ice Cream Depot's Instagram page.