MILLTOWN, NJ - Winning the lottery during the coronavirus crisis would be just the ticket and one was sold at the RS Foodmart & Deli on Riva Avenue. The winning ticket for the Jersey Cash 5 was announced at the Tuesday, April 14 New Jersey Lottery Drawing. One ticket matched the five winning numbers for a prize of $98,677. The winning numbers were 9, 15, 18, 24 and 26. The XTRA number was 3.

The RS Foodmart & Deli will receive a $2,000 check for selling the winning Jersey Cash 5 ticket. Currently, the New Jersey Lottery's front office is closed for the collection of  walk-in claims because of the coronavirus shutdown. It will remain closed through May 15 while the lottery office revises its protocols for paying claims. Any claims less than $599.50 can still be redeemed at any lottery retailer. Mailed claims will still be processed according to a press release by the New Jersey Lottery.

Claims less than $599.50 can still be immediately redeemed at any retailer and mailed claims will still be processed in the regular course of business. Winners should make copies of their signed ticket and claim form before placing it in the mail. All properly validated mailed claims will be paid, however payments may be temporarily delayed.

The Lottery Commission also approved a rule modification in March extending the expiration dates of winning tickets. Typically, winning lottery tickets expire one year from the date the winning ticket was purchased.