MILLTOWN, NJ - The mission of the Milltown Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the rich and lengthy history of the Middlesex County town that once was home to the Lenape tribe. Its latest project is taking down the oral histories of its residents. Any resident interested in participating in the project can complete an online Google form with his or her information. Once completed, a member of the Milltown Historical Society will reach out to schedule an appointment to record a resident's oral history.

Oral histories can be recorded through an in-person interview, a virtual interview or through audio and visual options. Residents can also record the story they would like to share and submit it to the Milltown Historical Society.

The Milltown Historical Society celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018 and prior to the coronavirus pandemic, held a monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of the month at the annex of the Milltown History Museum on 116 South Main Street. New members with an avid interest in Milltown's history are always welcome according to the Milltown Historical Society's website.