SPOTSWOOD, NJ - The Spotswood PTA sponsored its first-ever live Cultural Walk-Through Museum last June. The event which spotlighted the diverse cultural heritage of Spotswood and Helmetta residents was a huge hit with both students, parents and community members. 

"The organization has always wanted to do a Cultural Live Walkthough Museum showcasing our students nationalities and the uniting global power of the arts," explained Spotswood PTA President Melissa Hallerman last spring. "We are very fortunate to have two extremely hardworking, creative and talented Cultural Arts Chairs, Jenalyn Engstrom and Crystal Millan, that worked tirelessly to make a vision and idea come to life."

Engstrom and Millan are back, putting together the Spotswood PTA's second live Cultural Walk-Through Museum on Thursday, January 30 at the Spotswood School District's Appleby School. The event will again feature cultural food, dance, music, literature and art from Schoenly and Appleby School students and families.

Last year's cultural museum included a plethora of cultural events including Irish clog dancing, foods from Thailand, England, Italy, Poland and Israel and games and crafts from Peru, Africa, China, Puerto Rico and Cuba.