HELMETTA/SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Mayor Chris Slavicek wins a second term in Helmetta. The popular borough mayor was running unopposed in the 2019 mayoral election. Helmetta Borough Councilmen Ronald Dzingleski and Joseph Reid kept their seats, defeating Republican challengers Vincent Asciolla and James Misner. Each council seat carries a three year term. The unofficial election results in Helmetta were as follows:


  • Chris Slavicek - 339 votes

Helmetta Borough Council

  • Joseph Reid - 282 votes
  • Ronald Dzingleski - 263 votes
  • Vincent Asciolla - 118 votes
  • James Misner - 102 votes

Both Helmetta and Spotswood residents voted on the two open seats for the Spotswood Board of Education. Each seat carries a three year term. Spotswood Board of Education President William Smith Jr. and Spotswood Board of Education member William Loschiavo keep their BOE seats. Both were running unopposed. Longtime Spotswood resident Daniel Lennan mounted a write-in campaign for one of the seats on social media. The Spotswood Board of Education results were as follows:

  • William Smith Jr. - 812 votes
  • William Loschiavo - 732 votes