MILLTOWN, NJ - Democratic candidate Phil Zambrana Jr. is seeking one of the two open seats on the Milltown Borough Council in the upcoming November 5 election. Zambrana is running on a ticket along with fellow Democratic borough council candidate Anna Neubauer and Democratic mayoral candidate Trina Jensen-Mehr.

A native New Yorker, Zambrana has had a long relationship with Milltown, visiting the borough for 25 years before becoming a permanent resident almost 15 years ago when he moved to the borough with his wife and daughters.

"Milltown is a great place to raise a family and it is the kind of town that makes you want to be involved in the community at large," Zambrana said. "Friends and neighbors in Milltown help each other out wherever they can. It's the type of town that when you're walking past someone in town, you say hello or good morning or how's its going. Since I was raised with those core values, it was easy for me and my family to move to Milltown."
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"I'm running for borough council so that I can help provide much more transparency and definitely much more accountability than there has been in recent years," Zambrana continued. "I'm about setting goals and getting things done. I'm all about the work and coming up with a plan that solicits input from Milltown residents so that we're all on the same page so that no one feels blindsided by a decision that's made."

Currently Zambrana is a member of the Milltown Planning Board, the Milltown Department of Health, the Milltown Environmental Commission, the Milltown Revitalization Committee and the Milltown 4th of July Committee. He also served on the Milltown Board of Education from 2011 through 2016. During his tenure with the BOE, Zambrana worked as the Chair of the Finance Committee and as the board liaison with the Spotswood Board of Education.

"By day, I'm a Business Manager at the Human Genetics Institute for Rutgers University where I spend most of my time managing a portfolio of clients," Zambrana said of his professional career. "My clients are on the academic side, internally at Rutgers and externally at other Institutions of higher learning and on the corporate side, both domestic and international."
The Baruch College graduate feels his strong background and 20 plus experience in finance and accounting will be an asset if he is elected to the Milltown Borough Council. He feels a major issue facing Milltown presently is the water and sewer infrastructure issues.
"As a member of the Planning Board, we're currently updating the 10 Year Planning Board document," Zambrana explained. "It was interesting to see that ten years ago the water and sewer infrastructure issues were mentioned as a problem. Ten years later, those issues haven't been addressed, which means someone dropped the ball."

"For the life of me, I don't understand why there hasn't been more outreach to the county for help with our infrastructure issues especially from our outgoing mayor and incumbents running for re-election," Zambrana continued.
"If you've been a council member for two terms and you haven't really delivered anything of substance for almost six years, then it's probably the time to say, thank you for your service and let's go in a different direction," Zambrana added. "Together with my running mates, Trina Jensen-Mehr for Mayor and Anna Neubauer for Council, we'll get Milltown back on the right path and provide 'Leadership.....For a Change.'"
Zambrana and his running mates will be on hand at the upcoming 2019 Milltown Borough Candidates Forum on Wednesday, October 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the Milltown Borough Hall.

*In the upcoming weeks, Tapinto Milltown/Spotswood will continue with the Meet the Candidate series. Each candidate running for the Milltown Borough Council and the office of mayor was asked to participate in the Meet the Candidate series and was given the same questions to answer.