EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Senior citizens are considered the most vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak, especially since many are dealing with preexisting health issues. Area seniors have been told to stay at home, leaving many without contact with friends, family and the community. With local senior citizen centers closed, some are also without a way to go shopping for food. CareOne East Brunswick Assisted Living is extending a helping hand to seniors in need; a free hot meal delivered to their doorstep.

"As we are all faced with the growing challenges and uncertainties of COVID-19, we at CareOne East Brunswick Assisted Living show great concern for all within the community; especially our senior population," CareOne East Brunswick Senior Administrator Christopher Slavicek explained. "With the strong encouragement of social distancing and the orders of quarantine, we graciously extend an olive branch to deliver a free hot meal to any senior that may be in need."

To receive a healthy, hot meal at their home, area seniors simply need to reach out to Slavicek by telephone at 1-877-764-4445 or by email at cslavicek@care-one.com.

"Nutrition and hydration are important components of remaining healthy and are critical during this pandemic," Slavicek added.