HELMETTA, NJ - Chris, Josh and Danielle Mathew are extremely proud of their mother. Dr. Elizabeth Mathew is a pharmacist for Walgreens. Mathew along with her husband and family have been a part of the Helmetta community for 23 years. The coronavirus crisis has not stopped Mathew from heading to work each day to ensure patients get the prescriptions and assistance they need. The crisis has only heightened her already strong commitment to her profession and the residents who rely on her. That is why her three children have tapped her as Wednesday's Hometown Hero for her work and dedication during this crisis and every day.

"My mom is the kindest and most optimistic person I know," Danielle Mathew says of her mother. "She juggles a busy work schedule, and still finds time for family and fun, even if she is exhausted after a long day at work. All the patients who visit the pharmacy love my mom, and we get mountains of cookies from them during holiday season!"

When she is not at work, Mathew enjoys spending time with her family. Cooking, traveling and hiking are activities the Mathew family loves doing together.

If you know a Helmetta Hometown Hero like Mathew who is on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis, send borough Mayor Chris Slavicek an email at mayor@helmettaboro.com. Nominations should include the person's name, a brief description of their job, what makes them a hometown hero and a photograph.