HELMETTA, NJ - Kelly Hahn-Richards has been a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service in East Brunswick for more than 20 years. The lifelong Helmetta resident is the latest Hometown Hero to be recognized by Borough Mayor Chris Slavicek for her contributions during the coronavirus crisis. Hahn-Richards has always been a dedicated postal worker, but the current shutdown has provided her with a deeper appreciation for her profession as people rely on package delivers for everything from medicine to puzzles.

Hahn-Richards has always been a civic-minded person and is known for her positivity. She was a part of a recent campaign in Helmetta along with the mayor to help procure the funds for 20 new trees along Main Street. Last February, she quickly called 911 after smelling smoke at one of the homes along her route. Her quick action helped to prevent the fire from causing more damage.

If you know a Helmetta Hometown Hero like Hahn-Richards who is on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis, send borough Mayor Chris Slavicek an email at mayor@helmettaboro.com. Nominations should include the person's name, a brief description of their job, what makes them a hometown hero and a photograph.