SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Borough Mayor Ed Seely is sending out an update to residents for Wednesday, March 25. Spotswood's number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus is up to three according to information from the Middlesex County Department of Health. The county health department is responsible for tracking CIVID-19 cases. Other than the gender and age of the individual, addition personal information cannot be released to the general public. Mayor Seely's letter reads as follows:

Residents of Spotswood,
As we in New Jersey are, by nature, a social bunch, by now you are probably going as crazy as that ground hog
running around on the unauthorized Facebook group page representing the Borough. I understand he is looking for me; well, this is where I can be found. Only here, simply because one source is easier to maintain.

I must report that, as of 6:00 last night, we in Spotswood are up to three (3) confirmed cases of COVID-19. The most recent is a male 60 years of age. I know that there have been other claims on social media of varying numbers, but my source comes directly to me from the Middlesex County Health Department. I wish I could give you more information, but, due to HIPAA laws, we can only report the town, age, and sex of the individual.

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We are watching the numbers grow, as we all expected, and they will continue to do so. We can and will turn this around so long as we adhere to the Governor’s Executive Orders, and cease gatherings and practice social distancing.On a daily basis, I am in touch with the Governor's office, our Senators, Assemblyman, and County Officials, stressing the need for financial help for our residents as well as our businesses in town. I spoke with Senator Greenstein just yesterday, and she is pursuing our needs at the higher levels.

There have been additions to the essential business list, as follows:
1. Mobile Phone Retail and Repair Shops
2. Bicycle Shops (for service and repair only)
3. Livestock Feed Stores
4. Nurseries and Garden Centers
5. Farming Equipment Stores
All must still comply with the rules of operation set forth in Executive Order #107.


If you have been watching World news, you have heard that China has lifted their restrictions on confinement. That is good news, but keep in mind that they were able to do so because, until now, they had basically shut down. We still have a way to go before we get to that point. The numbers will continue to grow, but, eventually, they will turn, and we will get there if we stay vigilant.

For now, stay safe, stay healthy, and keep the faith.

God Bless,
Ed Seely,


Residents can find updated information and helpful links on the coronavirus at the New Jersey Department of Health website.