SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Borough Mayor Ed Seely released his latest update on the coronavirus crisis on Wednesday. Office of Emergency Management Director Jose Rivera is reporting 36 positive COVID-19 cases in Spotswood, but Middlesex County taps the number at 40. Seely said the discrepancy according to Rivera is that some positive residents have been counted twice. Other towns in Middlesex County like Old Bride and Woodbridge have had similar issues when reporting the total number of residents testing positive. Seely's April 15 letter reads as follows:

Residents of Spotswood,

Yesterday, April 14, was the date originally forecast to be the day it was hoped we would see “flattening of the curve,” although I fail to see how that could be the case until testing is open to everyone. Perhaps we’re heading in that direction, as a new FDA-approved test is being rolled out today that requires a saliva sample and shows a result within 48 hours. This new test, largely developed locally, also puts the healthcare worker at less risk and is more comfortable for the patient. You can read more about the test in this TAPinto article.

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I wish I could say that the curve in our community is flattening, but the numbers suggest otherwise. Our count, according to our OEM Coordinator, Jose Rivera, is at 36. Though the number published by the county is higher, I’m told they have individuals that have been counted twice. I understand the State is also having trouble with their counts. That said, I have no reason to doubt our coordinator, since he is privy to more information than I.On to something brighter. I would like to thank Danielle Delgado and Linda Smith for writing in and suggesting that inviting the Easter Bunny to Spotswood might brighten the holiday for us, and that it did! There were a lot of people out, at a safe distance, to catch a glimpse of the Bunny as he cruised through town. I again thank the
Spotswood Fire Department and Spotswood Recreation for their assistance in making this happen.

Mayor Slavicek of Helmetta has initiated a program called Hometown Heroes, which is a nice way of recognizing the efforts of essential personnel. I would like to take it one step further; while we are all thankful for those who keep us safe and the world turning, I would like to recognize all of you who follow the rules and do what you can to help slow the spread of this disease. By practicing social distancing, wearing face coverings, and going only out when you must, you are truly the Hometown Heroes.

Finally, I was glad to hear that the Governors of multiple states in our region are forming a council to prepare for
the eventual return to normalcy. This is not going to be an easy task, as it’s not like turning on a light switch. It is going to be gradual and take what will probably be a significant amount of time, but with patience and perseverance we shall overcome.
As always, in closing, stay safe, be smart, and stay healthy!

God Bless,

Mayor Ed Seely

Middlesex County is reporting a total of 6,003 cases. Woodbridge remains the highest with 910 positive cases of COVID-19 and Helmetta has the least about of cases with 18.