SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Borough Mayor Ed Seely provided his latest update on Friday, May 29. The mayor updated the number of positive coronavirus cases in the borough. The current count is 92 cases on COVID-19 with three deaths. Seely discussed resident concerns about when the community would be reopening along with what restrictions would be in place as well as whether the Spotswood District would hold a graduation ceremony. The mayor's May 29 letter reads as follows:

Residents of Spotswood,

Another holiday has come and gone in this year of pandemic. To those of us that have served this country, it’s a particularly important one. I don’t mind saying that Memorial Day felt very different this year; yes, we still honored those lost without Memorial Day Services, but the services seemed more somber than in years past,if that’s possible. To quote Bob Dylan,“the times, they are a-changin’.”I attended services with members of American Legion Post 253,along with Councilman Charilie Spicuzzo and Past Council President/Councilman Jim Shearn.

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Today the Governor is expected to lift a couple more restrictions;as you know, he has stated that graduations will be allowed to proceed.However, as, yet we have no information on the number of participants that will be al-lowed. I am in constant contact with our school officials, and this is putting a tremendous burden on them. I do not envy them having to deal with the constant inconsistency of our government officials, which has them running in eight directions at once. But I’m certain they will make it happen to the best of their abilities, with a little help.

Now to the numbers;although testing has increased dramatically, our count is 92 positive cases with the loss of three precious lives. The statewide positivity rate is in the single digits, and that’s a good sign. Hopefully,we will be out of the woods soon.

I receive calls from a lot of people with questions about the reopening of our community. When will small businesses be allowed to open? What do we have to do to prepare? What restrictions will be placed on us? Frankly, all of us get this information at the same time, so I have no advantage over the general public. I don’t know why, but, even though we have these Zoom calls, we are not given any advance notice of what will be discussed. Recently, the decision was made that these calls will be held every two weeks, instead of every week. Frustrating, to say the least.

Since the Executive Order has changed to allow gatherings of 25people,I’ve been going out to meet with friends on Saturday evenings(responsibly, of course). I have to tell you, it feels great! However, I do suggest that, if you choose to do this ,keep a ledger or journal of everyone you meet. God forbid that you or someone you have spent time with contracts COVID-19,it will be easier to trace yours steps. The virus is like air; you cannot see it, but we all know it’s out there. So be careful.

We have a great deal of information posted through links on the borough website for ease of reference. Please don’t be shy about accessing these sites; it’s your health, and the last thing we want is for something to happen to you and/or someone in your family.That wraps up this week’s installment, so I will close by saying, as always, Be Safe, Be Smart, and Stay Healthy!

God Bless,

Mayor Ed Seely

Today, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that child care centers can reopen on June 15. Non-contact youth sports can start up on June 22, but the activities must be held outdoors and without contact drills. Summer camps including rec camps can start on July 6.