SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Governor Murphy's coronavirus restrictions have closed all non-essential business in New Jersey including hair salons and barber shops. For gals and guys using hair color, not being able to get to the salon to cover the gray simply adds to the overabundance of stress everyone is feeling. Does hair feel anxiety? Should a parent cut their child's bangs since haircuts are unavailable for now? Longtime Paolo Cupaari hair stylist Patty McCoy has the answers to haircare questions including how to make the color last longer for people with color treated hair.

"People with colored hair should try to wash their hair a lot less," McCoy said. "The more you wash, the faster the color comes out. If you're stuck at home, it's okay to let it be greasy for a few days. It will help the color last."

McCoy also suggests that people with color treated hair opt for a gentler shampoo that is sulfate free. Another trick is to avoid washing color treated hair with extremely hot water. Keep water on the cooler side when washing it.

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"If your hair is oily at the roots, just put shampoo there," McCoy added. "Or use a dry shampoo. They work great."

McCoy has one word for whether a person should give themselves or any family member a haircut.

"Never," she said. "A hair cut is not as simple as a straight line. I can't tell you how many times I have to fix someone's bangs that they cut themselves."

So what should people do if they or a child is in desperate need of a haircut during the coronavirus shutdown?

"Now is the time to try your hair wavy or curly if that's your hair type," McCoy said.

She also suggests pony tails and attractive clips for ladies and girls in need of a cut. If frizziness or excessive knots are an issue, use a softer pillowcase. Satin works best.

"Try styling products if you haven't before," McCoy added. "Gels are helpful for guys in need of a cut."

People aren't the only ones feeling stress and anxiety. Hair does too. Stress puts hair follicles into a "resting phase" meaning they stop producing new strands. Eventually, hair may begin to fall out easily when brushing, washing or touching. Since seeing more hair on the bathroom floor inevitably leads to more stress, McCoy suggests ramping up the conditioning.

"Put a deep conditioner in clean, damp hair," McCoy said. "Then wrap a warm towel from the dryer around your head and leave it on for 30 minutes."

A regular conditioner works too, but it you don't have either on hand, McCoy suggests using coconut or olive oil. However, unlike a conditioner, if using olive or coconut oil as a deep conditioner, it must be lightly washed out.

Paolo Cupaari closed its door early last week before Spotswood Mayor Ed Seely ordered them shut when the borough declared a state of emergency on St. Patrick's Day for the safety of their clients and staff. The local salon is now offering its clients their favorite haircare products online. Like small businesses across the Garden State, they hope to be able to re-open soon and welcome clients back.