SPOTSWOOD, NJ - When does a person need a will? What is a power of attorney and at what age is it important to get one? Questions like these become more prevelant as people get older and have families of their own. The Spotswood Public Library is offering patrons a free seminar to help clear up the complexities of estate planning on Wednesday, August 28 at 2 p.m. The seminar will address issues such as why having a will is important, avoiding common estate planning mistakes, understanding why a power of attorney is important, how to designate heirs and guardians, avoiding scams and frauds as well as preparing for medical emergencies.

Cristian Ossa, Esq.  and Jaclyn Healey, Esq. of Wolfe Ossa Law will be presenting the Six Critical Points of Estate Planning on August 28. Registration is required for this event and can be done online at the Spotswood Public Library's website, in-person at the library's circulation desk or by telephoning the library at 732-251-1515. The Spotswood Public Library is located at 548 Main Street.