SPOTSWOOD, NJ - World Kindness Day is Wednesday, November 13 and the Spotswood PTA is encouraging students, staff, parents and the community to spread a bit of kindness tomorrow and every day. The day is actually celebrated annually and began in 1998. Currently, 28 nations across the globe encourage citizens to engage in random acts of kindness in the hopes of inspiring people to pay forward warm-heartedness. The Pittsburgh Public Broadcasting Station is encouraging people to wear a cardigan on World Kindness Day in honor of Fred Rogers, the host of the popular children's series "Mister Rogers Neighborhood." Rogers' message on his television series and in life was one of being kind to one another.

Some simple suggestions for extending a random act of kindness in one's daily routine are:

  • Saying good morning to a person on the bus, train or at school drop off.
  • Holding the door for someone walking in to a building behind you.
  • Letting another driver enter the flow of traffic.
  • Compliment a friend or a co-worker.
  • Smile at a stranger.
  • Text or call a family member or friend you haven't been in contact with for a while.
  • Treat a friend or even the person behind you in line at Dunkin to a cup of coffee.
  • Put a neighbor's newspaper on the porch.
  • Bring a neighbor's trash or recycling bins in from the curb.
  • Help out around the house by doing a daily chore like cleaning the litter box or taking out the garbage without being asked.

According to a recent study on the effects of kindness activities, being kind and helpful to others has health benefits as well. Kindness has also been found to be contagious.