MILLTOWN, NJ - The Milltown Fox has become somewhat of a social media celebrity with residents posting about the borough's resident fox on Facebook. However, the Milltown Police Department and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife are asking that residents remember not to feed the foxy fellow or any of its foxy friends.

The Milltown Fox has been spotted by many residents with the MPD receiving reports about multiple sightings. Nothing about its actions have been concerning though there have been reports of a different fox that may be exhibiting rabid behavior.

According to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife it is not unusual to see a fox out and about during the daytime hours. Foxes are naturally wary of people and the best way to discourage the animal from hanging around is to refrain from feeding it. If a fox is in a back or front yard, make loud noises to scare it away like banging on a pot or pan. Spraying the back end of the animal lightly with a hose will encourage the fox to go on its way as well.

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The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife also offers up these suggestions to make backyards less inviting to foxes:

  • Keep garbage can lids tightly secured
  • Do not leave food and water outside for household pets especially overnight
  • Do not leave pets outside at night
  • Remove bird feeders since the food attracts foxes and other wildlife
  • Do not put meat in compost piles
  • Keep compost piles covered
  • Cut back brush on the property
  • Pick up fruits and berries that fall on the ground from trees and bushes

The Milltown Police Departments asks that any fox sightings be reported to the Milltown Police Department so that the fox's behavior can be monitored by Animal Control officers. Fox sightings can be reported to the Milltown Police Department by telephoning 732-828-1100 or by messaging the Milltown Borough website.