SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Spotswood High School's longtime athletic director William Visokay retired at the conclusion of the 2018-19 school year. In July, the Spotswood Board of Education approved Guidance Counselor and coach Michael Del Aversano as the Chargers' new athletic director.

"I am honored to be the new athletic director at Spotswood High School," said Del Aversano. "I would like to thank the Board of Education and Superintendent Graham Peabody for the opportunity. I would also like to thank Bill Visokay for his guidance over the past few years, helping me prepare for this position."

Del Aversano has been a guidance counselor in the Spotswood School District for the past six years. The upcoming 2019-20 school year marks his 19th in education. Sports has always been a strong component in Del Aversano's time in education. At Spotswood High School, he coached the girls tennis team for one season and has been on the bench as an assistant for the boys varsity basketball team for the past eight years. Previously, Del Aversano coached basketball at South River and John F. Kennedy Memorial High Schools.

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Becoming athletic director for the Spotswood School District means he will be hanging up his coaching whistle, but he is looking forward to taking on the challenges and responsibilities the duties of an athletic director brings.

"The athletic director is in charge of hiring, training and evaluating the athletic department's employees, including office staff, head coaches and trainers," Del Aversano explained. "One of an AD's primary roles when working with others in the athletic department is to ensure the health and safety of the students."

Athletic directors also set the practice times while working with the athletic directors from other schools to prepare the schedules for home and away games.

"It's the AD's responsibility to make sure the school's facilities are adequate and safe, that the necessary equipment is on hand and that both are properly maintained and new equipment ordered as needed," Del Aversano continued.

Athletic directors are responsible for hiring properly certified referees, police, security personnel and any other necessary officials for games as well.

"The AD represents the school's athletics department to other school departments, to the
community and to the boards and associations that govern its programs," Del Aversano added. "Understanding that athletes are students first, the AD works with academic departments as needed to ensure students' academic success."

Spotswood High School offers junior varsity and varsity sports teams for tennis, soccer, basketball, football, cross country, track and field, golf, wrestling, softball, baseball and cheerleading. Recently, the Spotswood/East Brunswick Hockey Association made a presentation to the Spotswood Board of Education about adding ice hockey to the list of sports offerings at Spotswood High School. Another large group of parents is hoping to put lacrosse on the schedule as well.

"The presentation at the BOE meeting was very informative," Del Aversano said of the Spotswood/East Brunswick Hockey Association's presentation in July. "I commend the parents who came
out in support of their children. We will review all of the information and discuss them with East
Brunswick, the GMC and the NJSIAA. We will also do the same for lacrosse."

"There are many factors that go into adding a new sport," Del Aversano explained about the likelihood of hockey and/or lacrosse coming to Spotswood High School. "Funding of course is a major component, along with finding coaches and practice locations. When a school adds a sport, it must play a junior varsity schedule before it can attempt to play varsity."

Del Aversano is in the process of examining all the different aspects of the Spotswood School District's athletic program. One of his goals is to bring back the Spotswood High School Athletic Hall of Fame next fall.

Del Aversano, a lifelong sports lover, is truly excited about his new duties and responsibilities as Spotswood High School Athletic Director.

"I am really looking forward to working with the coaches and student athletes and developing a
program that all can be proud of," Del Aversano said. "I really want to make sure our student athletes have the best experience possible here at Spotswood High School."