EAST ORANGE, NJ - Several East Orange nonprofit organizations are gearing up to show their ‘true colors’ in the city’s first: Kindness Campaign. The Kindness Campaign is the city’s response to a national call for municipalities, counties and states all across the country to let our elected officials in Washington know how vitally important Community Development Block Grant Funds are in sustaining much needed social services. 

To answer the call, the East Orange Office of Community Development is soliciting the assistance of our nonprofit sector to literally, “show-off” their skills by videotaping innovative acts of kindness and goodwill during this week long celebration. 

The responses from our organizations have been tremendous. Agencies will be involved in activities ranging from free car washes for seniors to tutoring for children, community gardens and clean-up activities. The week is shaping up to be truly a memorable moment in the collect social service life of the city.  Be on the look out for an act of kindness near you!

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2016 National Community Development Week

The 2016 National Community Development Week will be celebrated Monday March 28 – April 2, 2016. It provides the opportunity for grantees to reach out to their Congressional Members, showcase projects and programs, and involve the local community, including other local government departments, sub- recipients, beneficiaries, citizens, and community groups in the week-long celebration.