MONTCLAIR, NJ - At Tuesday night’s meeting of the Montclair Township Council, the mayor and council members discussed the possibility of making Montclair a tourism destination, among a variety of topics.

During public comment, the first person to come forward was Lily Becker, a high school student who has been volunteering at Crane Park. She explained to the council that she always wanted to get more involved with town projects but was never sure how to go about doing this. Now that she has been volunteering at the park, she is eager to help others get involved.

“Earlier this summer I became aware of the demonstration project going on over at Crane Park, and when I showed up on the first day, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into,” she said.

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She went on to explain that by taking part in this project, she met so many wonderful members of the community, all who had the same goal of making a difference in the community.

“The people involved in this project and the enthusiasm of the community made volunteering such a special experience,” said Becker.

As the new school year approaches, she is excited to expose her fellow classmates to this project in the hopes that they too will get involved.

Next to speak was Israel Cronk of the Montclair Business Improvement District (BID). He explained that currently, the Montclair BID is attempting to have Montclair named a designated tourism destination. With the help of the Montclair history center, they have set up walking tours of the town as a way to help get the community involved.

“I think this will be really good for the town,” he said. “Once we have achieved the designation as a tourism destination, we may be able to receive some grants.”   

Members of the council expressed their support of this idea and suggest he speak with individuals from other towns who are currently designated tourism districts, in order to learn more about the process.

Following public comment, council members discussed and approved various ordinances. During this time, councilman Sean Spiller suggested to the council that they look into signage systems to use in the new parking decks which would indicate the number of open parking spaces in the lot. The council agreed that this was a good idea and that going forward, they would look into the systems available.