MONTCLAIR, NJ - A crowd of hundreds gathered in Glenfield Park on Wednesday, March 9, eyewitnesses reported to TAP into Montclair. A short time after, a fight broke out among two girls and the police were summoned shortly after 6 p.m., law enforcement officials confirm.

TAP into Montclair inquired with the Montclair Police Department and Essex County Sheriff's Office that evening.

A resident wishing to remain unnamed told TAP into Montclair, "There must have been 200 people out there when we went past." She said that she thought the favorable weather was a factor. "A crowd that size, I knew there would be trouble," she added.

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Sometime around 6 p.m. a fight broke out, but when officers arrived, the crowd dispersed. Lt. David O'Dowd of the Montclair Police Department indicated that Montclair Police responded to the call and also notified the Essex County Sheriff's department who arrived thereafter. 

Glenfield Park is the jurisdiction of the Essex County Sheriff's Office since it is part of the Essex County Parks Department.

Kevin Lynch of the Essex County Sheriff's Department confirmed on record Tuesday that Essex County officers responded to the scene, but that "the crowd had dispersed by the time our officers arrived."

No report was written since there were no victims that came forward and no one there to speak with the officers about the incident, Lynch added.