MONTCLAIR, NJ -  Dozens of residents flocked to the Montclair South End Business on Saturday to participate in the Earth Day celebration hosted by the South End Business District. 

During the early morning hours of this warm Spring day, business owners were sweeping and cleaning in front of their establishments as they prepared to gather in the parking lot of the New York Community Bank to meet and greet their neighbors, customers and potential customers.

They all seem to have one common purpose in mind, to make South End a safe and eye-appealing destination place for shopping, health and lifestyle-related needs.

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The day-long event was spearheaded by Ria Lowe, newly elected president of the South End Business District and agency owner for Farmers Insurance located at 311 Orange Road.

Lowe said, "We are out here today for Earth Day to address what we can do locally. Our plan today is to have local businesses participate in sharing information about their services and to share ways in what we can do as businesses in bringing awareness to the Earth."

As Earth day is being celebrated world wide, we are being asked to rethink how we dispose of plastics, produce energy, and minimize our carbon footprint, as we look to keep the Earth green and clean for centuries to come.

Councilwoman Renee Baskerville was also in attendance. She said, "Today is a beautiful day where the local businesses come out to meet people from the neighborhood that frequent their establishments. We come together today to share what we can do on Earth right here in Montclair as a community."

The day comprised of live entertainment from local musicians, food samples from the local eateries, and demonstrations  showing fruits and vegetables as conductors of energy. 

An understanding of recycling and the danger of plastic popcorn was provided by Schlager Construction and a selfie back drop and props were provided by Montclair Center BID. 

Lowe added, "Part of our children's activities include planters that will be painted yellow and children that wish to, will be able to apply their hand prints with assistance from our volunteers using green paint as part of South End's beautification efforts." 

Israel Cronk Director of Montclair Center BID was in attendance. He said, "Montclair Center BID is here to assist where we can, especially as it relates to the many small businesses in town." He continued saying, "This is just another example of bringing businesses and the community together."

Shasha Jones, owner of Sirus Beauty Supplies, echoed the same sentiment, "The importance of the day is about community and bringing awareness to the earth and beautifying the South End District."


Participants included Calandra's pizza, Caribbean Touch, Southend  Liqour, Schlager Construction, Farmer's Insurance, Barnes & Carter Family Eye Care, Sirus Hair and Beauty Supply, Montclair Center BID, Family Foot Care Center of Montclair, B London, Davis Integrated Medicine and the Montclair Police Department.



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