(EAST ORANGE/ORANGE, NJ) - December 1st is World AIDS Day around the world, but for award-winning filmmaker Yucef Mayes, World AIDS Day is more than just a day, it's the theme of his next short film.  Mayes upcoming film, "The Patient" She is a Person, Not an Illness, tells the story of a loved one who, dying from AIDS, escapes from the hospital for the most understandable, yet heartbreaking reason.  

Mayes is the award-winning filmmaker of “Zahra and the Oil Man” which was a featured short film on CBS-TV a week ago and featured Montclair teen, Megan Hackett. 

Mayes thanks badamitv for showcasing his film that has toured around the country and for its topic centering around the love between a father and daughter, illiteracy, and the father's business selling oils on the streets of an urban city.  The film has received high praise.  Mayes first film, "The Driver," was seen by audiences along the eastern seaboard and launched the career of Yucef Mayes.  The new film, "The Patient" captures a day and time when people with AIDS were shunned because of the unknown's surrounding AIDS at the time.  The stigma of AIDS continues today, yet attention to the disease has decreased significantly over the years, particularly during the pandemic. 

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(Pictured Yucef Mayes)

According to Mayes, “AIDS was a part of my life as a loved one suffered with the AIDS virus.”  The film is set in a day when families were separated by the disease, similar to how families are separated now due to COVID-19. Mayes said he hopes the film will remind us to look beyond disease, affliction and illness and remember the humanity in us all, particularly for those who are sick.”

Mayes added, “The masks are meant to protect us from illness, not block us from our humanity.”  He added that these words carry the theme of his movie, “The Patient” and are an integral part of our lives today, as we live amongst the thousands who are sick.   

To learn more about "The Patient" or to contribute to the fundraising efforts, you can contact Yucef Mayes (writer/director) at Shineblackartandfilm@gmail.com The movie, "The Patient" is expected to be released in 2021.