NEWARK, NJ — On Wednesday, January 22, during the Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders Conference/Board Meeting, the Board took a step toward securing a safe, auditable voting process. The Board unanimously passed a contract between the County of Essex and Dominion Voting Systems, Inc., to provide voting machines. 

This action follows the January 7, 2020, vote approving the selection of Dominion Voting Systems, Inc., as the vendor and the appropriation of $3.8 million dollars to support the fully executed contract. Predicated on the need expressed by the County through its Office of Commissioner of Registration and Superintendent of Elections, coupled with urging of many voter advocacy groups, including SOMA Action Voting Rights Committee and BlueWaveNJ, purchasing new machines is the right and responsible direction to take. Thankfully, the machines are to be in place and operational for the upcoming 2020 election in November.  

“We are proud to take a responsible stance in the integrity and accountability of a secure and safe voting system.” said Freeholder President Brendan W. Gill. We appreciate the added sense of security established due to the use of optical scanners and hand-written ballots. The passing of this resolution affirms Essex County’s responsiveness and due diligence to ensure the integrity of a voting system that can be audited for better safeguarding.