MONTCLAIR, NJ - Montclair Tax Assessor George Librizzi and Brian Schneider from Professional Property Appraisers (PPA) conducted a property tax revaluation meeting for all residents on March 8.

With the last full revaluation conducted in 2007, the Essex County Board of Taxation and the State of New Jersey has mandated a revaluation to take place this year.

Over the past 10 years, various factors could have caused a shift in property values including different rates of appreciation or depreciation in real estate values among residential areas, construction updates without permits and zoning changes.

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“What we are going to do is take a look at sales to see what the properties are worth, but right now we are only at about 85 percent of market value. After the revaluation, we will be at 100 percent,” said Schneider.

He also explained this revaluation is conducted as a way to be sure no property owner is overpaying or underpaying on their property taxes. With new technology available, this year’s revaluation process is expected to be quicker than in 2007.  Data will be collected on a Tablet via PowerPad software.

“The goal is to reevaluate all properties using current and accurate market data, the goal is to mirror the market not make it,” said Librizzi.

All residents received a letter stating that all field evaluations will begin taking place this week and continue through November. Although there is no way to determine when assessors will be coming, home owners can ask them to return at another time if they show up at an inconvenient time.

If a homeowner is not home, PPA will leave a letter indicating they have attempted to inspect their property and when they will be returning. They are required to make three attempts to gain access to a property. It is important for homeowners to allow assessors into their home so the data is not estimated said Schneider.

All letters indicating updated tax information will be mailed in early November followed by an informal taxpayer review in December. The new tax list will be filed to Essex County on Jan. 10, 2018.

Although many people had questions and concerns regarding the value of their property, Librizzi encourages residents to call his office at  (973) 509-4919 to learn more about property tax revaluation process.